Saturday October 13, 2018

A day of practical workshops brought to you by local practitioners and hosted by Warrawee Anglican


Entertaining Grandchildren

School holidays, sick parents, after school care all give us children to care for. In a discussion led by grandparent Bruce we will share ideas about what to do.

Micro Garden, new breeds of plants

The time comes when we can no longer care for a big garden. It is still possible to enjoy plants by caring for them in a small area- even on a unit balcony. This session will give ideas on how to do this and introduce us to some new varieties recently available.

Early Ku-ring-gai

Ku-ring-gai is the name of one of the area’s aboriginal tribes. In 1906 it was taken by the first local government authority for the area, the Ku-ring-gai Shire Council. Hear how the area began to be developed into the shire we know today

Genealogy the next step

We have a fascination for knowing our family roots. The internet has plenty of information but how do you get reliable information? What are some of the pitfalls and how do you eliminate unreliable sources?

11 am

Cooking for one

Cooking for one can be hard, especially after a lifetime of preparing meals for a family. Come and get some ideas – and tastes – about how to make interesting meals when you are on your own.

Quick sketching

Using charcoal and sketching paper (provided) learn how to make a quick sketch. Local artist Steve Malone will be our guide. If you prefer to bring your own material that will be fine

Help Solving Cryptic crosswords.

Solving cryptic crosswords can be one of the most frustrating things we do. Come and hear from a professional setter of cryptic crosswords some of the tricks they use to set us on the wrong path.

Keeping Bees.

Beekeeping can be a fun and rewarding activity. Not only do you enjoy fresh honeycomb, but it can benefit your garden through pollination. What is involved in putting together a bee community? How do you avoid being stung? Come and learn how to get started.

2 pm

Tips for keeping cut flowers.

The flowers always look beautiful when we pick them or bring them home from the store. In a short time they begin to drop. Our florist will give us tips about how can make the arrangement last longer.

Buying on line – advantages and pitfalls

People of fear the unknown and are worried about poor service and “rip offs” if they but things using their computer. This introductory session advises how to minimise risks.

Dealing with Grief and Loss

We will all have to face these issues. Experienced minister and councillor David Reay will lead a discussion on how to cope when it happens.

Introduction to Calligraphy

We will explore a few tips and tricks of this beautiful art form. You will learn and use a simple decorative script to start what can become a long term hobby. Paper supplied but there will be a small charge for a felt pen.


Join us Sunday mornings for church, 10am at Warrawee Public School Hall