The 2016 Warrawee Lecture


The 2016 Warrawee Lecture was given by Dr Brian Rosner, principal of Ridley College, Melbourne.

What is a human being? Personal identity and the Bible. Brian writes:

“the world is obsessed with being true to yourself and knowing who you are; there’s never been a time when knowing who you are has been so difficult. If traditional societies are like rivers, buoying their members in one particular direction, modern societies are oceans – you can go in any direction you wish. But what is personal identity? Do my job, my possessions, my experiences, my memories, define who I am? What is a human being?”

The Lecture will be held at 7:30pm on Wednesday May 18 in the school hall of Warrawee Public School, cnr Finlay Rd and Pacific Highway, Warrawee. Please contact Matt Davies if you have any questions. This is a free event, however we ask all attendees to register for a seat using the form below.