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Sermon Series – Images of Church

God uses a number of odd images in his Word to describe church. Over the month of January we will explore four of these and work our how they impact our hearts, minds and actions.

Recent Sermon Series – Book of Job

Even in pain and suffering we see that God is still good and powerful. Join us as we look at one of the most fascinating characters in biblical history – the man called Job. Job lived a long time ago in a far off land and yet his experiences of suffering are profoundly relevant for us, in understanding the human experience and the answer to the question ‘Where is God?’

Job Artwork

Who Are We ? Ephesians 4:20-32

Who We Are-2

Sunday 8th May 2016

Join us 10am Sunday as we look at how God transforms us into his church and then uses us to do good in His world.

Matt Davies.

This message is from Ephesians 4:20-32.