Loving each other by staying apart

The great strength of our church is people of all ages coming together on Sunday, connecting with one another, learning from one another, encouraging one another and worshiping together. Due to the unprecedented risk of the coronavirus we are asking anyone with any symptoms to stay home and away from church. We are also asking anyone at risk, whether low immunity or over-65 to consider isolating over the next few weeks. At this time this is the way we can express our love for one another. Along with hand-washing, maintaining distance and pausing food service we are doing everything we can to assist in minimising the spread. We are also looking to communicate and share as much as we can together on-line.

Celebrating birthdays at church is one of the things we love to do together

New Sermon Series

When Jesus finishes preaching his incredible ‘sermon on the mount’ we are told the crowds are amazed at his authority. He then goes on to display his authority over sickness, nature, demons, disability, death and sin. We will be spending the next 4 weeks exploring this incredible narrative.