God Gives

God Gives Final

Sunday 10th January 2016

Join us in January for God Gives… a sermon series looking at just some of the many wonderful gifts given by our wonderful God.

Sermon by Don Baird.

This message is from Romans 8:18-25.

1 Peter 3:8-18a,4:12-19

It has been claimed that a ‘culture of offence’ has grown in our society of relative truth. Perhaps we are part of that ? How do we relate to each other an to others when we defend our position on something ? This morning Peter is concerned about the way we defend Christianity. Unsurprisingly we are to answer in a Christ-like way ! What did Jesus do as he set himself to go to the cross ? Unlike Peter who was frightened and tried to defend himself at all costs, Jesus willingly suffered to bear the sins of the world. Obviously this is a radical departure from the aim to ‘look after number on’. — Don Baird

Todays message is fromĀ 1 Peter 3:8-18a,4:12-19.